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Worlds of Wow announces new branding designed to reflect the company’s mission to create more playful worlds for all. 

On March 1, 2021, Kevin Cravens, the creative director at Worlds of Wow, a PlayCore company, revealed the company is rebranding, including a new logo, new website and new products that reinforce the company’s enhanced mission, creating more playful worlds for all. 

Worlds of Wow is an established design firm and leader in building well-designed interior environments that are sophisticated and fun. 

“We are going to stay true to our previous branding to honor our history and the foundation we’re built on,” said Cravens. “We will always be a company that creates the wow, but now we are really grasping the idea that we create worlds.” 

Last year, Worlds of Wow focused on the future of family spaces and inclusive design. By studying trends and listening to clients, Worlds of Wow rebranded to emphasize their stance on building spaces for communities that include everyone no matter the ability or need. 

“Inclusion has always been an important part of serving communities equitably, and we are dedicated to ensuring the environments we create do exactly that,” said Cravens.  

The company’s website will be updated this spring and will include information targeted to their clients. This includes details on sensory rooms, a portfolio of projects and a blog that informs and supports their customers.  

The company is also working on a new line of products to elevate play through irresistible features that will excite and engage all children. 

About Worlds of Wow 

Worlds of Wow, a PlayCore company,  is a team of artists, problem solvers and makers committed to the idea that intentionally designed spaces have the power to build community, connect families and create opportunities for kids of all abilities to play together. We help our clients better understand their vision, help clarify its purpose and bring it to life using play, 3D decor, interactive elements, technology and murals. 

About PlayCore 

PlayCore is a purpose driven company committed to building stronger communities around the world by advancing play and recreation. The company infuses scholarly learning, through its Center for Outreach, Research and Education, into its comprehensive family of brands. PlayCore combines best-in-class educational programming with the most comprehensive portfolio of play and recreation products and services to create tailored solutions that match the unique needs of each community served. Learn more at playcore.com. 


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