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How the YMCA of Greater Brandywine Experiences Great Service and Innovation with Upace


A common problem for community rec centers is driving member engagement through their mobile apps while also getting the data they need to optimize facility operations. Through custom mobile apps, seamless data capture and access, as well as the integration with many CRM solutions, Upace is the software solution for any YMCA, JCC or community rec center, to keep your members engaged, streamline data access, and increase member retention with fitness and wellness programming for your members.

Here, Jim Paro, the senior vice president and chief information officer of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, shares how Upace’s drive and innovative solution sold him on their product:

How were you introduced to Upace and why did you decide to partner with them?

JP: We were introduced to Upace through a YMCA member who met founder and CEO Rachel Koretsky at a networking event, where she presented the technology. We were impressed by the team’s drive and determination to build something great for our members and loved how far they had taken the product in two short years. She was also a Philadelphia native, and working with local tech talent is important to us. We chose to partner with Upace after looking at what the app had to offer our members and speaking with other Upace customers, who gave the company glowing reviews.

Can you talk about how the active network integration from Upace helped you streamline data?

JP: By integrating Upace with ACTIVE Network, we are able to manage all our members and group X schedules in one place. This cuts down on the amount of time staff spend creating and managing the schedules. If there is an issue with the schedule, we know we only have to make an adjustment in one place and our members will see the updated information. This has resulted in staff to be even more satisfied with the technology, and more importantly, it keeps our members up to date and engaged.

What have been the benefits of using mobile technology at your facility?

JP: Our members love being able to access the information they need quickly and easily no matter where they are. The structure of the app lends itself to ease of use and it shows in the positive feedback we get from our members. We have also seen a decrease in the time it takes to check members in because the mobile app keeps the member’s barcode on file. Sometimes people don’t bring their keys, but members always have their phones with them.

How would you rate Upace’s customer service and support? What has been your experience with Upace’s team?

JP: The Upace team is always quick to respond to any of our issues and concerns. They also quickly assist any member who has an issue and ensure all members receive an immediate response. 

Why should other community rec professionals consider working with Upace?

JP: The Upace team is always thinking about what’s next and is constantly innovating the app. Upace takes a very collaborative approach with us that we don’t typically see in other vendors. Rachel, along with the Upace team, are constantly innovating the app, and delivering new and exciting features to our staff and members.


To find out how to partner with Upace to increase member engagement and retention while streamlining your facility’s operations, check out upaceapp.com or email them at info@upaceapp.com.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former editor of Community Rec Magazine.

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