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Introducing the Fit 1010 and Fit 1010-AQUA Portable Sound Systems


The Fit 1010 all-in-one portable sound system has class-leading power, a 10-inch speaker, 1-inch titanium tweeter, and built-in handle and wheels. Includes the 20-class-per-week E-mic fitness headset microphone with a 100-channel bodypack transmitter, built-in UHF wireless microphone receiver and a Bluetooth streaming music player. Everything needed to do classes or provide amplified voice and music anywhere. Operates up to 7.5 hours on battery power, and unlimited time on AC power.

The Fit 1010-AQUA portable pool sound system features the same all-in-one base sound system and substitutes a splash-proof Samson AH8 cableless mic system for aqua-aerobics instruction. The AH8 transmitter is sealed inside the splash-resistant headset frame and the mic element is waterproof. Instructors can go into the pool with this headset mic as long as it’s not submersed. The CR88V battery-powered micro receiver attaches to the side of the Fit 1010-AQUA.

Both the Fit 1010 and Fit 1010-AQUA are PoolSafe for use in pool areas. They can operate on battery power, eliminating any potential for electrical shock. The Fit 1010 is perfect for instruction from the pool deck. The Fit 1010-AQUA is optimized for instructors who may get water on the headset mic.

The Fit 1010 and Fit 1010-AQUA come with a custom slide-on protective cover. This attractive black cover features large pockets for storing the wireless mic headset, charging cable and accessories. The mesh front allows for clear sound projection, and the back flap easily lifts to give access to all controls. Once the cover is put on, it never needs to come off.

Public Safety — Emergency Use

All-in-one battery powered sound systems are highly recommended for emergency public address. In the event of the loss of electrical power, an all-in-one portable system gives your facility the capability to do essential announcements immediately — anywhere they are needed. The Fit 1010 series portable sound systems can be set up and put into use in literally seconds, and easily moved to different areas.


For more information, check out avnow.com/products/fit-1010-emic-bt.


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