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How Comedy for a Cause Lifts Spirits at the Northern Rock County YMCA


Laughter is the best medicine, and the world certainly needs some cheering up right now. That’s why the Northern Rock County YMCA, with two locations in Janesville, Wisconsin, is hosting Comedy for a Cause, a standup comedy event for the community on Saturday, October 17.

“The goal is to get people’s minds off everything that’s happening, from the crazy world we live in right now,” said Angie Bolson, the president and CEO of the Northern Rock County Y. “We have five comedians coming, and it’s all outdoors — we’re praying for great weather.”

The event is open to the community. Attendees can buy space for four to six people out on the lawn outside the Parker YMCA branch, or pay per car if they’d like to maintain physical distancing, in which case they can tune their car radios to a frequency that will be broadcasting the show.

And for that night, hot button issues are off the table. “We’re asking all the comedians to stay away from anything that deals with the election,” joked Bolson. “I also told them we just don’t need to talk about COVID either.”

Along with plenty of laughs, Comedy for a Cause will feature a DJ, a 25-foot, inflatable screen that will display the show, and baskets full of goodies and healthy snacks from local sponsors.

There will also be a silent fundraiser at Comedy for a Cause, in which attendees can text in donations they’d like to make to the Y. However, the main priority of the event is to get people out of their houses — safely, of course — and having a good time.

“Our goal is to make it fun and light,” shared Bolson. “I think with it being an outdoor event, we’ll get a lot of people here — they’re looking for something unique to do.”

In a time of seemingly endless stress from all fronts, it’s important to find the unique ways to engage your members and help them feel better, even for an evening. This is what the Northern Rock County Y is hoping to accomplish with Comedy for a Cause.

“You’ve got to be creative,” said Bolson. “Our goal is to engage people and make sure they’re having a good time.”


Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former editor of Community Rec Magazine.

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