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How YMCA of Metro Fort Worth is Enhancing Member Experience

Member experience

When the YMCA of Metro Fort Worth was searching for a new way to support the user experience, they found a very beneficial answer in Daxko.

Cortney Konstanzer, the association director of member experience, said not only does Daxko understand the mission and voice of the YMCA, but the company’s software capabilities also reflect that.

Below, Konstanzer elaborates on the Y’s partnership with Daxko and how they continue to deliver for members, participants and staff.

Why did you decide to partner with Daxko for your association’s member management software and website?

The YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth was looking for an all-inclusive solution when leveraging Daxko’s software. We needed a tool that integrated all the various platforms necessary to support our members and sports participants while simultaneously offering comprehensive performance analytics for our staff. The catalog of plug-in resources have been noteworthy in driving partnership.

What problem were you looking to solve; or what solution were you looking to incorporate on your website?

The primary issues we wanted to address with our website redesign, which is still in progress, with Daxko center on improving the community and customer experience. We recognized that most websites have a shelf-life of four years and in revisiting our website’s structure and reflecting on customer and staff feedback, we were looking for an elevated user experience. It is our goal to improve engagement with the site, increase registrations because of API tools and drive visits because of enhanced SEO.

What are the benefits to your business as a result of this partnership?

We’ve experienced benefits through this partnership because Daxko is truly tailored to a YMCA. They understand our lingo, scholarship offerings, membership levels and the importance of member retentions. Additionally, they have tools such as the ability to track who is coming in, what brought them in, did they join, who gave them the tour and closing rates of staff so we can ensure they are recognized for their successes and commitment to member services.

We’ve also found the performance analytics allows us to view data in a simplified format for all our centers and locations, allowing them a simple way to evaluate engagement and impact. We can view multiple reports with various settings all in one place, and this is a great tool for our teams as we track progress and impact.

What are the benefits to your member experience as a result of this partnership?

Daxko is a user-friendly software in many ways. If you have ever had the experience with a company where they said “our system just doesn’t allow us to do that” in relation to errors made or finding a solution to your problem, you know that is extremely frustrating. That is not the case with Daxko. There is always a way to “fix it” or make things right for the customer within Daxko. That creates a level of experience that is above and beyond.

There is a relative ease of use in connecting all the roles a member has. Daxko allows us to communicate with members so they can explore the various resources and opportunities existing at the Y that align with their interests.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Daxko in any way?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the commitment of Daxko to explore new digital solutions to enhance the online member experience and the level of customer support. The teams, from website design to back-end operations, are fully vested in our success and the success of our members and participants. They have helped strategize new ways to approach a problem and regularly meet with us to ensure that resources and strategies are employed to address our needs.

What else can you tell other community rec professionals about the benefits of working with Daxko?

If Daxko doesn’t have something you want or need, ask for it. Tell them what you need, why, how it will positively impact your organization and collaborate with members on their team. If there is a way to make it happen, they will work with you.


John Reecer

John Reecer is an assistant editor at Peake Media.

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