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Peachjar: A No-Brainer for the YMCA of Loudoun County


As one of the leading childcare providers in their area, getting information out to all of the parents in the county was extremely difficult and costly for the YMCA of Loudoun County, especially as a nonprofit organization.

“We explored almost every option for marketing — however, we were not as successful in getting the information directly into the hands of our intended audience until we learned about Peachjar,” said Rob Blakely, the associate executive director for the YMCA of Loudoun County. “When we found Peachjar, we were immediately pleased with how successful we were with getting our program information directly to the parents.”

Below, Blakely shares how Peachjar has helped his facility transition into the digital age:

How has Peachjar helped improve your association’s youth and family engagement?

Peachjar has by far been the most successful form of direct digital marketing we have used. We have found since it is a digital flyer delivered directly to our intended audiences’ email or visible on their school’s app, parents are far more likely to view it and consider us.

What do your members like about Peachjar?

Our members have expressed how easy it is and how they most certainly prefer to get notified digitally rather than in print. Now that we are living in a digital age, and everyone uses their phones and computers for almost everything, this has proven to be the best choice for information on program offerings such as ours.

How would you describe Peachjar’s customer support?

I have not had any issues with getting a response to any of my questions or concerns. I normally receive a response in less than a day, sometimes even in minutes.

Why should other community rec professionals consider working with Peachjar?

As our society is slowly moving away from print marketing and relying more heavily on digital marketing, switching to Peachjar should be a no-brainer. The amount of time and effort you will save on your marketing and getting the word out to your audience is incredible.



To learn more about Peachjar can help your community recreation facility, visit www.peachjar.com.

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor of Community Rec Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com.

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