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To effectively reach millennial parents, organizations with youth programs should redefine their marketing strategies as family roles, structures and interests evolve. Here are ways to plan your marketing strategy with millennial parents in mind:

Re-evaluate Family Roles

Marketing strategies geared toward moms miss a chance to connect with dads, since they are more active in parenting than ever. A recent Adweek study found 74% of millennial dads believe marketing strategies are largely disconnected from the realities of modern families. This is a major opportunity to make marketing efforts resonate with today’s families.

Use Social Media as a Connection Point

Millennial parents, in particular, respond well to companies that have successful, active social media accounts. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center showed 75% of parents use social media and rely on it for parenting resources and information. Integrating your marketing efforts with the interests of parents who are social media savvy helps spread your messaging in a current, updated format.

Promote Understanding and Relatability

Parents gravitate toward companies with marketing messages that feel personal, and understand their unique interests and needs. You want parents to feel good about supporting your organization, and marketing campaigns with a friendly, relatable tone that reflect a deeper understanding of families aim to do just that.

Define Your Mission Statement or Purpose

Today’s parents support organizations with clear mission statements, especially those related to initiatives that improve their communities. Local outreach, charity efforts and volunteering build brand awareness and align your organization with parents who want to better the world for their children and future generations.

Communicate Digitally

It’s important to reach modern parents where they’re at: online. Connecting with parents digitally ensures they can access and take action on information from you — anytime, anywhere. Prioritize making parents’ experience with your organization efficient and enjoyable through online registration, or by making pricing and important information easy to find, for example.

Put Your Plan into Action

Millennial parents are a unique segment who seek out organizations and brands with messaging that feels authentic and that’s mission aligns with their needs, interests and behaviors. Try these strategies to take your marketing messages to new levels in 2020. Achieving this will allow your organization to create a more meaningful and lasting relationship with today’s parents.


Cecelia Schwartz is the marketing specialist at Peachjar, the digital flyer management platform that connects over 10 million K-12 parents to life-changing school and community resources. For more information about Peachjar, visit peachjar.com or email customercare@peachjar.com.


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