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Therabody’s Passion to Improve Everyone’s Health and Well-Being


The integration of devices, education and research drive Therabody’s passion to improve everyone’s health and well-being.

When Ben Nazarian first asked Therabody founder Dr. Jason Wersland to explain what Theragun is, Dr. Wersland said he had to feel it in order to understand it.

And since his first interaction with a Therabody product, Nazarian knew he needed to be involved in some way. Today, he is the CEO of Therabody.

With no experience in the performance and fitness industry prior to Therabody, Nazarian said he personally benefited a lot from learning about the new technologies available to athletes and celebrities. Since then, he has developed a personal passion in democratizing those technologies and making them available for everyone. 

Therabody's passion

“I am inspired daily when I hear testimonials of how Therabody has changed their lives for the better.” – Ben Nazarian

I enjoy helping people live a healthier lifestyle,” he said. “I also work with a group of people who are not only experts in their field, but share the same passion as myself and our founder Dr. Jason Wersland, which is to improve everyone’s health and well-being. I am motivated everyday by my team and the work we are doing. I am inspired daily when I hear testimonials of how Therabody has changed their lives for the better.”

These testimonials are born from Therabody’s sole focus on its customers and making industry-leading recovery, performance and pain management solutions customers wouldn’t otherwise have access to if they aren’t a professional athlete or celebrity.

“Although we started out as a single device company — Theragun — the core of our mission has always been to help people feel better naturally,” said Nazarian. “As a wellness company grounded in technology and research, our vision is to democratize industry-leading technology that is otherwise traditionally accessed by elite athletes and celebrities. Athletes have access to the best technologies that help them train harder, play better and recover faster, and my vision is to make that technology accessible to everybody.”

And that vision is a reality with the launch of Theragun, TheraOne and more recently, RecoveryAir — an industry-leading, clinical pneumatic compression device. Therabody is making these cutting-edge technologies and modalities available to the mass consumer.

  • Theragun — With a variety of devices ranging in size and accessories, there’s an available tool to meet everybody’s needs. Plus, the Theragun Mini is a pocket-sized partner to provide quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability. 
  • TheraOne — A pure, high-potency wellness and recovery solution held to the highest standard in CBD, as in USDA Certified Organic. From performance to recovery, rest, relaxation and relief, there’s a TheraOne CBD solution for the needs of each unique body. 
  • RecoveryAir — An easy-to-use pneumatic compression system that makes it easy for anybody to experience the benefits of clinically-proven recovery technology. Users are encouraged to sit back, relax and recover faster as each boot sequentially compresses the leg to increase circulation and reduce soreness and fatigue.
Therabody's passion

Clinically-proven, easy to use and designed for everybody, the RecoveryAir compression system provides safe and effective recovery to your most valuable asset — your body.

As creators of the category since the invention of the first device in 2007, Therabody is the only company on the market with fourth generation models. This ongoing success is due to the dedication of continual education. 

“We are the only company on the market that is founded by a practicing physician,” said Nazarian. “Because of this, we are continuously learning about the body each day, constantly communicating with and learning from our customers, and are constantly developing and innovating solutions that are grounded in research and science.” 

By leading with education, everything Therabody does is backed by science and research. This is why a large emphasis is put on educating customers on the importance of why they launched a certain device or product. 

“We were the first to develop an app where users can get access to guided protocols for a specific need or activity,” explained Nazarian. “We also have an education division called Therabody University where we train athletes, medical experts and trainers on the research and science behind our solutions and how to optimize the benefits of our products. This is a critical part of our business and something we are relentlessly committed to.”

Through Therabody University, enrolled participants learn effective ways to use devices so their customers and clients can optimize the benefits of the devices. Wersland and his team of renowned health and fitness experts develop the curriculum to ensure the research and the resources featured in the program are cutting-edge, digestible, attainable and effective.

Therabody's passion

Compact but powerful, Theragun Mini is the most agile massage device that goes wherever you do.

Another service offered to those interested in providing Therabody services is the recovery lounge. Facilities can build or designate a space for customers and members to experience Therabody’s devices and recovery solutions — hopefully replicating Nazarian’s first experience with the Theragun that got him hooked. Featured in the recovery lounge is RecoveryAir, TheraOne and Theragun devices.

Services like the recovery lounge and Therabody University that promote interaction and education have been keys to the company’s success since Wersland and Nazarian first met. 

“We’ve learned when providing our products for members to interact with, they don’t know enough about why effective training and recovery is so important and how to optimally use our devices,” said Nazarian. “Through Therabody University and our continued education units, the trainers at your organization will become knowledgeable in whole-body wellness and our devices, and will become an extension of our team to help members optimally take care of themselves. Our devices, education, and research should be hand-in-hand and must be integrated into the facility — it’s integral to the member experience.”

Brittany Howard

Brittany is the editor of Community Rec Magazine. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com.

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