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This month, we spoke with Daniel O’Connor, the association director of health and wellness programs at the YMCA of South Hampton Roads about implementing programs.

The YMCA of South Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia, partnered with REGYMEN Fitness to bring its patented “Burn, Box and Build” formula to members. Integrating heart-rate technology into multiple intense, 60-minute workouts, REGYMEN is a unique group fitness offering that has been a huge benefit for members. Here, O’Connor shares why his facility partnered with REGYMEN and how the program has enhanced their fitness offerings:

What led to the decision to add REGYMEN to your programming, and how has it benefited members? DC: As an association, we are always looking for opportunities to provide high-quality programs for our members. With the increased demand in the fitness industry for heart-rate training, we saw REGYMEN as a perfect fit to expand our fitness program offerings. Members not only enjoy the benefits of a great workout in a supportive group setting, but they are also expected to lose up to 1,000 calories per workout, while being able to monitor their performance in real-time.

How can a program like REGYMEN boost participation and retention? DC: It builds a community atmosphere. Members want to be part of something, and REGYMEN provides that community for our members. And even better, our members enjoy the interval-style training and workouts that change daily.

Are there any challenges you’ve had to overcome in implementing REGYMEN? DC: With the implementation of any fitness program, you run the risk of starting too late. Fitness trends can be volatile, so you never know how long the next hot fitness trend will last. Fortunately, REGYMEN was, and has remained, relevant and engaging for our members. Also, training our team to be more sales-minded was a challenge.

Do you have any other tips for integrating engaging fitness programs? DC: Know your consumer, and have a strategic plan with specific goals and expectations. It’s also important to have an energized, excited team around you that can push your vision to the members.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former editor of Community Rec Magazine.

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