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The corporate wellness industry has been going through a major shift in the last few years, with employers no longer just providing on-site gyms or giving employees access to one localized facility. This means increased value for your facility, from programs that can bring in community members you otherwise would not have access to. With the corporate wellness industry currently valued at $8 billion, and expected to reach $90.7 billion by 2026, there are no signs of this trend slowing down.

What does this mean for your facility? You will likely start to see more community members coming in, looking to have their membership dues paid for by a corporate wellness-sponsored program. While your first thought may be to just write them off as one-time guests, these corporate wellness-sponsored members can still become regulars in your facility. Here are a few ways to ensure they keep coming back for more:

Partner with the right programs.

There are many corporate wellness programs your facility can partner with. It’s important to work with a partner that provides value. One of the ways they can do this is by working with you to offer memberships to corporate wellness users. That means while they may have the ability to bounce around to different facilities, the possibility of them becoming a regular member is more likely.

Treat them like your other members.

Have your staff well-trained on the program to ensure a seamless experience. If the process is cumbersome, or your team isn’t sure what to do, the likelihood of members coming back drastically decreases. Treating them like a member will lead them to want to become a part of your community.

Engage them beyond the workout.

Engage these community members in your programming. Make sure they know your full class schedule. Invite them to upcoming events. Add them to your email lists so you can keep them in the know about facility closures for special events. The more the user feels like a true member, the more often you will see them.

It’s an exciting time in the world of corporate wellness and fitness, and the more the two sides can work together, the more value is provided to all stakeholders.


Chris Patton is vice president of wellness solutions for Peerfit, a digital health company connecting employers and fitness facilities through corporate wellness. To learn more, visit peerfit.com/fitness-partners.


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