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Myzone delivers a wearable and digital technology solution for the fitness industry. Myzone’s MZ-3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market, using Bluetooth, ANT+ and analogue technology to provide real-time feedback on heart rate, calories and effort. The MZ-3 offers multi-functional features that helps users to track workouts, stay motivated and set goals to get the maximum result from the effort they put in.

The telemetry can be displayed individually direct to a user’s smartphone via the Myzone app, or collectively in group settings and exercise classes via the In Club Software.


Myzone’s In Club Software delivers an in-house screen or screens and a backend management dashboard providing clear and intuitive visual data inside any club. By using the management platform operators can set facility-wide challenges, schedule training classes and overall, customize the product to match their facility. The system also provides operators with the ability to review all users who are registered to the club and have an MZ-3.

“Essentially, our technology is comprised of a heart rate-based device that picks up the effort that our users are putting into exercise and provides them with feedback on a big TV filled with an array of numbers, colors, and dynamic movement right within their gym. The system then feeds the data to the cloud and presents it on a smartphone to the user. The whole idea is to reward effort,” said  Emmett Williams, the president of Myzone.


Interested in upgrading your club? For more information, please visit myzone.org, email salesusa@myzone.org, or call 312.870.4800.


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