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Investing in Two-Way Radios for Improved Member Service


Providing a consistent, high level of service to members and guests is at the core of every facility’s operations. The addition of new programming and equipment upgrades are vital and necessary steps to meet members’ needs and preferences. However, investing resources in staff communications is an often overlooked, but critically important decision, one that delivers visible results and improves the overall member experience with minimal impact on annual budgets. Featured below are three reasons investing in two-way radios will provide an enhanced level of service to members and guests:

Simple, Streamlined Staff Communication

Overseeing day-to-day operations, including managing staff located throughout your facility, can be a challenge. Communicating with them should not be. Two-way radios provide staff the ability to communicate all the time, outdoors and on multiple levels indoors. Powerful signals ensure your team can stay in touch even in noisy areas such as pools and weight rooms. With the simple push of a button, directors and employees can obtain information discretely and instantly while eliminating disruptive overhead announcements. Compact and lightweight, with an easy-to-use design, incorporating two-way radios into your daily operations requires minimal training, saving you time and money. In fact, the typical lifetime cost of purchasing two-way radios can be calculated to around seven cents per day. Simply put, a more efficient communications approach will contribute to an increased level of service to your guests.

Improved Overall Safety

Effective communication is also vital to ensuring the safety and security of members and guests. From front desk personnel to instructors and cleaning staff, two-way radios keep your entire team connected, creating and maintaining a safe recreational environment. Wet floors, broken equipment and other safety hazards can be quickly and correctly addressed when everyone is on the same page. In the event of a medical emergency, guests can have peace of mind knowing employees can respond quickly and decisively.

Greater Member Satisfaction

An investment in staff communication is an investment in your members’ overall experience. A more connected staff will be prepared to quickly respond to any questions or requests. Improved coordination will ensure all areas are appropriately staffed and stocked with necessary supplies. With a high level of responsiveness from staff, members will experience greater overall satisfaction, leading to increased memberships and participation.

As a rec center, delivering the best member experience possible is critical to achieving your facility’s mission and vision within the community. Incorporating two-way radios into your everyday operations is a proven, low-cost, high-reward way to meet that goal.


Joe Wood is the owner of Tech Wholesale, Inc., an authorized reseller of Motorola Two-Way Radios. He can be reached at jwood@techwholesale.com or 888.925.5982.


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