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Matrix Launches MX4 Active to Bring Group Training to a New Demographic


Matrix Fitness, the world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness brand, recently launched MX4 Active, an extension of their group training programming that focuses on exercises for all ages and stages. Like their groundbreaking MX4 program, MX4 Active combines Matrix-exclusive equipment and original turnkey programming to address stability, functional strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

Using scientifically validated principles, the program incorporates low-impact, lower-back friendly exercises, familiar repetitions and natural progressions for a confidence-inspiring experience that improves overall fitness.

MX4 Active gets older and deconditioned adults moving in a way right for their abilities. Participants are never asked to kneel or go to the floor, and many exercises include third-point stabilization for a more secure group training experience. The program even includes an assessment to ensure participants are ready and able to face the challenge, plus a choreographed warmup and cooldown.

In order to spread the programming nationwide, Matrix employs Certified Master Trainers to teach their accredited MX4 Active small group training course. Master Trainers arrive at a variety of facilities ready to engage with the trainers signed up for the programming.

During this course, trainers come to know Matrix’s complete program methodology, as well as how to motivate older and deconditioned adults while creating a positive group environment that holds them accountable for putting in work that counts.


For more information on MX4 Active programming, visit matrixfitness.com/en/education/mx4-active.


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