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Peachjar Strengthens Digital Communication During COVID


Peachjar is the leading digital flyer management system used by over 24,000 organizations nationwide. Its platform enables community rec professionals to distribute their youth marketing materials in the form of digital flyers directly to parents through a trusted source — their child’s school. Once flyers are submitted through Peachjar, they’re routed to the school district’s office for approval and email distribution. Since flyers are grouped with vital communications from the school, parents are highly engaged with the content of these emails.

“Peachjar has by far been the most successful form of direct digital marketing we have used,” stated Rob Blakely, associate executive director for the YMCA of Loudoun County, in an interview with Community Rec. “We explored almost every option for marketing — however, we were not as successful in getting the information directly into the hands of our intended audience until we learned about Peachjar.”

School closures brought on by COVID- have only further accelerated the need for effective digital communication. Open rates for Peachjar emails have increased by 29% during COVID as parents are more eager than ever for information from their school and community. Parents receive flyers in their inbox as images and can click to immediately take action, resulting in quick and easy registrations.

By sending flyers digitally, organizations don’t have to worry if their flyers will make it home in the backpacks of students. Furthermore, digital flyers can be sent whether school is in session or not, making them essential for communication while school districts continue to offer virtual learning. And because the flyers are sent through the school, they always reach their intended audience — parents of school-aged children.


For more information, please visit Peachjar’s website at www.peachjar.com or reach them at customercare@peachjar.com.



Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is the assistant editor of Community Rec Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com.

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