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Why POUND is More Than Just a Workout


Unique group classes are difference-makers for any facility, and one of the most unique group formats in the industry is POUND® — Rockout. Workout. The world’s first cardio jam session powered by the energizing fun of playing the drums, POUND will have your members coming back for more.

Penny Sorenson, the regional fitness coordinator for central Pennsylvania at Crunch and former boutique studio owner, has had many years experience offering POUND, and has seen firsthand how big of a game-changer it is in getting members engaged in workouts:

How were you introduced to POUND and why did you decide to partner with them?

PS: Prior to my Crunch days, I owned my own boutique called “Ponytails Dance and Fitness Studio” in Pennsylvania. I was always looking for that unique workout — something no one else offers, something special I could bring to my boutique that the area was not familiar with. I wanted to be different, so I searched for workouts and actually found POUND on Crunch’s website. I believe Crunch was offering it at the time, so I called POUND and agreed to host a POUND Pro Training. When I launched it, a ton of people came, so I have no regrets.

How has POUND helped elevate your group fitness offerings?

PS: The movements in POUND can be done in an advanced manner, with jumps and other modifications, but also by fitness beginners who can easily adjust each move and each class to their needs. In the end, everyone can come together as one and just ROCK OUT together.

What do your members love most about POUND?

PS: Of course, they love the music, and the workout is nice for everyone. It can really be life-changing, as it’s a time when students can release whatever stress the outside world is throwing at them. The class is super positive and a stress reliever for many — I’ve actually even had people cry after class, saying, “I really needed this. This is now my therapy.” POUND always brings the community together as one, no matter who or where you are. It’s for beginners and dancers and advanced athletes— we all just come together as one. I love the camaraderie, the family, the mission and the whole purpose of POUND — it’s so much more than a class!

Why should other community rec professionals consider working with POUND?

PS: POUND is by far the best workout around. Everything about them is great, from the choreography and the community to the customer service, you never even mind paying for anything — like Ripstix — because they give 100% back to you always.


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Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former editor of Community Rec Magazine.

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