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Technological Advances in Outdoor Fitness Equipment


Outdoor fitness equipment has been around for many years. Here are some ways in which the technological advances have improved over time.

Fake fitness in early outdoor fitness design.

Outdoor fitness equipment has been around for many years. Early iterations of this equipment were designed to look like indoor gym equipment, but much of it did not have similar functionality. Unlike its indoor counterparts, ineffective outdoor fitness equipment offers little to no resistance, has very poor ergonomics and does not stimulate the user. This could be thought of as ‘fake fitness.’ Fake fitness can be defined as equipment that looks like well-known indoor fitness machines but when it is used does not result in any meaningful physiological effect.

Effective exercise in modern outdoor fitness design.

Within the last few years, there have been several exciting advances in the design of outdoor fitness equipment that support effective exercise. It is now possible to create durable cardio fitness equipment such as stationary bicycles and elliptical cross trainers that offer resistance to the user and have appropriate ergonomics. These features respond to the user and not only support effective cardio exercise, they also provide motivation for people to use the equipment consistently. There have also been advances in the design of cross-training and strength equipment such as the use of magnetic braking systems in the design of fitness solutions that enable people to do free weight exercises safely in an outdoor environment.

Connectivity through web-based applications.

Recent advances also include the incorporation of web-based applications that help people to learn how to use exercise equipment in a variety of effective ways, and also help them to connect to others when they exercise. Exercise and fitness apps can be used with fitness equipment to enable people to get the most out of their workout.

Morten Zacho

As head of KOMPAN Fitness Institute, Morten oversees product development research, integrating scientific studies into KOMPAN fitness concepts. Morten is also a teaching sssociate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, in the department of sports science and clinical biomechanics. Morten has previously worked at internationally recognized research institutions within the areas of exercise, such as medicine and active living, and has co-authorship on 17 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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