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Why you should be focused on building a robust slate of health programs for your members. 

Recovery from the pandemic has leaders from all sectors asking, “What now?” As masks are removed and doors are opened, determining the strategies that build sustainability is critical. One idea is the new or renewed focus on providing healthcare services.   

Health and wellness programs that address population health concerns like diabetes prevention, hypertension or even active aging are more important than ever for your members. They just survived a year where they learned that being fitter and generally healthy creates resilience in the face of a pandemic.   

Another thing the pandemic taught us is the healthcare system needs support from community partners. Offering disease prevention or chronic condition management options help to alleviate pressure on already burdened health systems. As clinic-to-community health linkages become more common, clinicians are recognizing the need to align with community partners to create seamless care that benefits everyone involved.  

Establishing relationships with clinicians and building a robust slate of programs will take time. By focusing on a few key areas, you can be dialed in for success: 

Identify People. Who are the people on the health team? 

Identify your champions. From leadership on down, organizations that make wellness programming work are mission-aligned to serve their membership these services. Having trained staff who understand how to work with special populations is critical as they are the face of our organization. Understand which community health needs you want to address and how to reach that population. Do you have a network of referring clinicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, areas on aging, community health departments and employers that might be interested in a partnership? 

Designate Places. Create safe spaces, both virtual and in-person, that make people feel at ease.

Where will your health coaches and participants meet? Customize a specific section of your facility for wellness programs that is staffed with trained personnel. Add simple-to-use equipment and signage so everyone knows where to go. Be mindful of privacy and the need to protect health information when designing your spaces. If you’re still meeting in a virtual space or are offering a hybrid solution, be mindful of privacy.  

Design Process. Think about the operations and workflows that will enable integrated health services. 

Implementing the right protocols to protect your organization and participants when it comes to handling EPHI and HIPAA is required when you start working in the healthcare space. Selecting the right technology and infrastructure partners that handle patient data and bi-directional communication with your clinical partners is an important task.

How will the technology help your health team provide meaningful services to your members? The adage of selecting the right tools for the job still stands, design your processes to streamline workflows, mitigate risk and amplify value. Whether you are a veteran at offering health-related services or if it’s a new idea, focusing on these basic precepts will help you grow your venture into the healthcare continuum 

Cassandra Stish

Cassandra Stish is the chief customer officer at Welld Health. She can be reached by email at cassandra@welldhealth.com or by visiting welldhealth.com

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