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Learn how Daxko Engage is empowering nonprofits to transform communities by connecting people with the right message at the right time.

Daxko has been serving the nonprofit community for over 20 years. During this time, members of the Daxko team have been developing relationships and learning what the nonprofit community needs to succeed.

Cody Norton, the vice president of sales at Daxko, has been part of this team for over five years now. He began his journey at Daxko with the services team as a strategic relationship manager helping partners utilize Daxko solutions. From there, he moved to the sales team where he is now the vice president of sales working with nonprofits across the country.

“What ultimately led me to my current role was my passion for helping nonprofit organizations find solutions that maximize their efficiency and retain more revenue,” said Norton. “That passion remains today. There’s no greater gift than helping those who do so much for others.” 

This passion for helping nonprofits permeates throughout the entire company. Norton shared three key points that drive Daxko’s success: 

  • We over me. “If we show pride, it’s for one another,” said Norton. “The lack of ego makes it easy to work as a team to problem-solve for our customers.”
  • We take the stairs. This means no shortcuts or quick fixes. “We’re in it for the long haul with our customers and it shows through our commitment to getting things right,” he elaborated.
  • We listen. Norton concluded Daxko’s customers are its greatest allies as the team continues to build the best software to fit the needs of the nonprofit movement as it shifts and grows.

With a history of over 20 years, Norton said the time spent learning and designing software for the nonprofit community is priceless. “There’s no guesswork involved in our software development,” he said. “Instead, there are decades of relationship-building and learning from the nonprofit community that make our solutions the very best they can be.” 

Another key differentiator of Daxko is its team. “Our people differentiate us,” said Norton. “Our philosophy of serving nonprofits in their effort to transform community is realized in transparent practices, including help from our award-winning implementation and services team whenever our customers need it.”

One of the great results of Daxko’s dedication to relationship-building and learning over the past 20 years is a customer relationship management and marketing automation platform called Daxko Engage. 

Daxko Engage

The Daxko team attended the 41st annual NAYDO conference.

Norton shared one of the coolest things Daxko Engage can do is help organizations turn a prospect into a member. “With Daxko Engage, a prospect who walks through the doors of a YMCA or JCC is also entering into a sales funnel,” he added. “They’re nurtured through automated follow-up whether that be scheduled email outreach, flags to front desk or membership staff reminding them to call the prospect, or both.” 

Even further, Daxko Engage powers automated outreach while also allowing organizations the ability to personalize what the product can do. Norton said the SMS texting feature within the program is another highly effective tool for customers.

“Organizations can communicate with prospects and members through a texting platform within Daxko Engage that keeps a record of the conversation thread,” explained Norton. “This ensures the customer is receiving prompt and accurate answers to their questions despite shift changes or delays in customer response time. There’s so much value in Daxko Engage beyond prospect management and SMS texting — the list goes on.”

Broken down into three key aspects, Daxko Engage helps nonprofits by connecting people with the right message at the right time. 

Connecting People

Daxko’s predictive analytics give nonprofits a leg up through identifying how members are likely to act. Data from Daxko Operations including demographics, activity, membership dates, facility usage, program participation, areas of interest and more feed into Daxko Engage and help create more tailored campaigns. Features include predictive analytic tools, lead management and dynamic group segmentation.

The Right Message

Daxko Engage helps nonprofits craft more impactful messages in less time. Organizations can quickly and easily get messages out to members and prospects with campaign workflows that include SMS texts. Features cover an intuitive email builder, SMS messaging and conversational AI.

The Right Time

Daxko Engage also helps manage member engagement and follow up through task management and rich profile information. Organizations can receive notifications when certain members check into a facility so they can engage major donors, new members, at-risk members or other important members face-to-face. Features include member lifecycle campaigns, member tracking and staff notifications.

Overall, when describing the benefits of Daxko Engage, Norton emphasized it’s not just a customer relationship management platform. Instead, it’s a community relationship management platform empowering nonprofits to tell their story, drive deeper connections and deliver their mission. 

“I’m lucky to experience the love our nonprofit customers have for their communities, and I’m even luckier to witness the ways in which we create positive change to power their mission,” said Norton. “What’s most fulfilling is witnessing long-term customers who’ve been with us for several years grow right along with us. Our software solutions are always evolving for the better and seeing how some of our Day One customers are thriving as a result of our hard work and innovation is a true joy.”

Produced in partnership with Daxko. To learn more, visit daxko.com

Brittany Howard

Brittany is the editor of Community Rec Magazine. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com.

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