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Episode 2: Moderating the Summit and Contagious Energy with Keith Vinson and Rodrigua Ross


Welcome to Community Voices, a platform for voices of the community recreation industry. 

In Episode 2 of the Community Rec Magazine Podcast, Keith Vinson, the vice president of operations and Rodrigua Ross, the vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion at the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, talk about moderating the 2023 Community Rec Leadership Summit, their contagious energy and the Causenetic Podcast.

Show Notes:

Vinson and Ross will be moderating the 2023 Community Rec Leadership Summit, happening March 1-3 at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA. We discuss the why behind the location selection, how this event is different than large conferences and what attendees can expect. “It’s not in your sterile, typical conference room,” said Vinson. “Being able to see that scenery and come up with different ideas that you can take back home to use – I think it’s going to be excellent.” Interested in learning more about attending the 2023 Community Rec Leadership Summit? Fill out an interest form here.

We discuss the event’s five roundtable topics and the process behind selecting those: Show me the Money – Reimagining Revenue, I Feel So Seen – Discussing DEI, Mindset Matters – Aiding in the Youth Mental Health Crisis, The People’s Choice – Fundraising and Capital Projects, and Be Like the Jetsons – The Future of Community Rec.

“If we’re going to ask people to sit in an environment that is very different than what you’re used to and if we’re going to ask you to lean into that skillset and those behaviors that are very different than what you may exhibit from day-to-day in your regular job then we want to be able to give you some titles and set the stage for these workshops that are very different,” said Ross. “To give people this auditory, this ocular reminder that this is different, we’re trying something new and we’re going to really lean in, tell the truth and look at this from a different lens.”

The Causenetic Podcast, hosted by Vinson and Ross, is in its third season with 100-plus episodes available to listen to on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast and YouTube. Vinson and Ross share how the podcast is a mix of bringing in other viewpoints and guests to balance the fun with the necessary topics and expand on the definition behind the word Causenetic.

“When we take a look at our definition, we make sure our topics match up with that,” said Vinson. “We make sure we cover things that are phenomenal, that can cause some type of movement, things that are dynamic, things that are energizing – the guests that we bring on, the topics that we talk about, we make sure they fit that definition of Causenetic.”

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Brittany Howard

Brittany is the editor of Community Rec Magazine. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com.

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