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If you’re looking to enhance the relaxation offerings at your facility, consider adding a unique program like Sound Float Meditation. Floating is one of the newest programs at the Aaron Family JCC of Dallas in Dallas, Texas, providing members with a one-of-a-kind relaxation experience.

“Imagine this: A harpist and a guitar player perform a live mini-concert on the warm water pool’s deck,” said Terri Arends, the J’s group fitness director. “A waterproof speaker transmits gentle vibrations throughout the pool — participants float and experience mindfulness while guided through a meditation filled with visual imagery.”

What does it take to offer this class? Initially, a warm water pool in the temperature range of 92 to 94 degrees. Additionally, Arends supplies participants with pool noodles and floating neck pillows for support while in the pool.

One key to the success of this class is a waterproof speaker. Arends found a large price range with underwater speakers, and ultimately decided on a moderately-priced Aquasonic speaker. “If one does not wish to invest in an underwater speaker, just floating with a live musician on the pool deck and being led through a guided meditation would be a cost saver,” she elaborated.

At the Dallas J, this program is offered under boutique class programming. Because all the boutique classes are special event programs that create unique experiences, members pay 20 dollars and nonmembers pay 25 dollars, bringing in additional revenue on top of memberships. “Our last class was a sellout with 22 attendees,” said Arends.

With such a unique class, it’s also best, when starting out, to follow a suggested format. Arends leads her class in the  following order:

  • A meet and greet on the pool deck.
  • A brief workshop on how to meditate.
  • Member and flotation support in the pool.
  • The Sound Float Meditation class.

Why should your facility consider investing in this type of class offering? Arends has found the benefits include not only stress relief for her members, but also a sense of community. “It is proven that floating decreases anxiety, depression and improves sleep and lowers stress,” she said. “So my thoughts were, let’s use our warm water pool as a float pod, bringing the community together as a way to release, relax and find moments of self-care.”

Brittany Howard

Brittany is the editor of Community Rec Magazine. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com.

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