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As 2019 comes to a close, this is the perfect time to look back. Five fantastic organizations were featured on the cover of Community Rec Magazine in the brand’s inaugural year, and each one is making a difference in its community in a special way.

In the spirit of learning from the success of others, the following are reflections on each 2019 print cover story, from which we hope you can glean new insights headed into the new year:

YMCA of Greater Boston cover story

March/April issue: YMCA of Greater Boston

The YMCA of Greater Boston, the first Y in America, has been an epicenter of health, wellness and youth development since 1851. Guided by president and CEO James Morton and his leadership team, the Boston Y strives to be an employer of choice, a charity of choice and a partner of choice, carrying on the legacy it began 167 years ago.

“I’m talking a lot about transformative change in health and wellness centers, which is happening in YMCAs all over America. I’m proud to say that’s happening in the YMCAs of Greater Boston. Being able to build new YMCAs and have them become special places in their communities has always been a highlight in my experience.” — James Morton

Read the full story here.

May/June issue cover story

May/June issue: YMCA of Greater Louisville

Lifelong “Y kid” Steve Tarver, president and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Louisville, is leading his organization into the next era of community wellness. Spearheaded by the construction of a new Community Integrated Health facility — fitness, wellness and medical offerings all rolled into one — the Louisville Y is providing a comprehensive slate of offerings for members in an area of need.

“These days, in wellness, we’re talking about more than just fitness. That’s one of our transformational paradigm shifts — expanding the concept of health from treadmills and weight rooms to issues of healthy relationships, character development, education, violence, access to healthcare, safe neighborhoods, food security and other social determinants.” — Steve Tarver

Read the full story here.

July/August issue cover story

July/August issue: Tucson JCC

With holistic wellness at the heart of its mission, the Tucson JCC is the ‘town square’ of its community. The Tucson J has accomplished this with a full slate of fitness offerings, some rather unique offerings (such as an art gallery), and timely renovations over the years. Every new program, service and renovation has been implemented based on the needs of a diverse membership.

“We are a community for all people of all ages. Sixty percent of our membership comes from the broader community, and we are seen by all of Tucson as a place that is open to all. That’s really something that gives me great pride — to be a part of the entire community.” — Todd Rockoff

Read the full story here.

September/October issue cover story

September/October issue: The Wave Aquatic and Fitness Center

A project five decades in the making, The Wave Aquatic and Fitness Center was worth the wait. A cornerstone of the fitness community in Whitefish, Montana (a town of just under 8,000 people), The Wave is churning out large market results in a small town, led by the leadership of its director, Art Krueger.

“I’m proud of how the community got together, helped make this happen, and helped sustain it. We’re having a huge impact on people’s lives.” — Art Krueger

Read the full story here.

November/December issue cover story

November/December issue: JCC of Greater Baltimore

Through a series of renovations, improvements, and a landmark partnership with LifeBridge Health over the years, the JCC of Greater Baltimore uses intentional and inclusive programming to create a “big tent” — a place where everyone feels welcome. This concentration on being welcoming is at the heart of everything the Baltimore J does.

“One of the unique things about our JCC is the mission, heart and community in what we do, as much as the business of what we do. We want to serve everyone, and even though our mission is directly tied to the Jewish community, we believe strongly in serving all people in our area.” — Paul Lurie

Read the full story here.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former editor of Community Rec Magazine.

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