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How Myzone Keeps the YMCA of South Hampton Roads on the Cutting Edge


For this customer spotlight, we sat down with Bill Zazynski, the COO of the YMCA of South Hampton Roads, to talk about his experience partnering with Myzone:

How were you introduced to Myzone and why did you decide to partner with them?

BZ: I was introduced to them at IHRSA and I was just trying to look at some different kinds of technology out there that could make us cutting edge within the health and fitness world. I was able to talk to some of the leaders at Myzone, and then I got to talk with the CFO and establish a relationship there. We used Myzone for the first time with a licensed group fitness program we do at one of our centers that we began in January 2018, and we felt Myzone had the best capacity at the time.

How has Myzone helped improve your fitness classes?

BZ: We just started using them in our group cycling classes over the past year. They use great wireless and cloud technology, and their app is so engaging, not just for individuals, but also in communities. I thought that was pretty cutting edge for us — to not just be a vanilla health and fitness YMCA, but really offer something our members can use and see value in.

What do your members like about Myzone?

BZ: What I’m seeing and hearing is members like Myzone because it gives them a little different feedback. They get to understand heart rate-based training a little bit more. And in group cycling, you have some people who are just competitive by nature. They love to see their tiles up on the screen, and compete against fellow attendees. It’s a good way for them to engage each other and push each other a little more than what they feel the exertion is. They also just love that there’s the interface they have between other Myzone users within their own community. They can encourage each other, build a network, challenge each other and I think that’s important with anyone’s physical fitness journey.

How would you describe Myzone’s customer support?

BZ: I think their support is great. For anything from the training they provide to the technical support, they’re quick to respond. We have a direct line to them, which is pretty awesome too — we know we’re an important partner.

Why should other community rec professionals consider working with Myzone?

BZ: I see Myzone, each and every year, trying to push themselves to be a better company. They keep on being innovative in the service they deliver and the technology they’re bringing to their consumers. It’s something we see as a future in our YMCA’s culture — to integrate Myzone more each year.


For more information, call 312.870.4800, email jason.gottleib@myzone.org or visit myzone.org.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former editor of Community Rec Magazine.

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