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Optimize Tech Connections to Serve Your Community


As facilities reopen, members could be more reliant on your digital offerings. Learn why it’s important to optimize your tech connections now.

As extended gym closures are nearing their end or lengthened due to state mandates, your rec center is approaching a unique re-opening period that is highly dependent on your members’ readiness to rejoin the public space. Their comfort levels and confidence in your leadership will be a high priority as their first impression of your new operations is more crucial than ever.

Members are facing a new world where they will be intentional in the choices they make while in public spaces. As a result, member behavior will be different and could be more reliant on your digital offerings. Instill confidence in your members with constant communication about your initiatives within your facility, yet meet them halfway by leveraging the newfound in-person and digital hybridity to ease their worries.


Fitness tracking apps that create community will cement members’ relationships with your club, even if they are not yet fully comfortable stepping inside your facility. Offering fresh workouts, community challenges and progress-tracking capabilities keeps your facility in the front of their mind and shows your support of their fitness goals, inside and outside your walls.

With careful consideration, your team can start to communicate your in-person offerings to members who are ready to ease back into your club setting. A marketing campaign cannot be taken lightly in this scenario and needs to exude attentiveness, care and confidence.

A public-facing marketing tool like social media needs a clear tone and strategy to maintain your desired perception. Touchscreen consoles and other tech assets within your facility can also expand your campaign visibility and then marry your confidence-boosting communication across the board. Custom on-screen pop-ups with comforting messaging to alleviate fear or advise on correct cleaning procedures further exemplifies attentiveness to your members’ safety.

Strategic messaging is one way to maximize your equipment’s digital capabilities to enrich the experience. You can also leverage your tech offerings to align with members’ workout visions moving forward. Since members will be more likely to lessen their touchpoints in the club, they might be looking for new ways to switch up their regime on certain products. Use this time to familiarize members with all the features available on your offerings, like the inset programs on your cardio machines that diversify their workout.

Pre-programmed high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts provide members a quick workout on a solo piece of equipment, giving them an accomplished feeling without having to interact with pieces across the expanse of the club.


Andrew Kolman is the senior global director, technology and business development, for Matrix Fitness. He can be reached at andrew.kolman@johnsonfit.com.

Andrew Kolman

Andrew Kolman is the senior global director, technology and business development, for Matrix Fitness. He can be reached at andrew.kolman@johnsonfit.com.

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