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Summer months scream outdoor activities. Longer days and warmer nights mean community concerts in the park, baseball games, summer camp and family barbecues, and with any social event, two things are required: food and music. The food portion is simple. However, music, or event audio in general, can be a bit more complex to organize, set up and use, depending on the situation.

Audio needs can range from announcements during the baseball game to karaoke at the family party, but one thing they have in common is the speaker system needs to be reliable and durable enough for outdoor use, while providing quality sound to events of varying sizes. A battery powered, portable sound system is an option that will have all of your summer activities’ audio needs covered.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how to get the most of a portable sound system during those outdoor summertime activities:

Community Events

Street fairs, community concerts, open house at the fire station and annual races are all examples of community events varying in size and locations that also all need audio. A battery powered portable sound system not only lets you use the same sound system for voice and music amplification at each of these events, it allows you to do it completely wire free and without the need for a generator or grounded power. A wireless sound system is not only convenient, it is definitely the safer option when kids, runners and crowds of people have the potential to trip over wires.

Baseball Season

Everyone knows a great announcer makes a good baseball game turn into a great one. Whether its little league or an adult baseball league, clear voice amplification and loud music are an essential part of the experience. Not only is having an audio system in place a must, but having one that can go outside, operate without being plugged into electricity, and be rugged enough to endure outdoor elements is absolutely crucial.

When baseball season comes to an end, the use of your portable sound system doesn’t have to. Continue putting it to use during beach volleyball, basketball games, track and field meets, football practices and more.

Family Barbecue

Not all events requiring an audio system have to be large. Family barbeques, reunions or gatherings need musical entertainment just as much as a big event. They can be held in a backyard, community park or recreation center, and a battery powered portable sound system will have the audio covered at any location.

The end of summer may mean fewer outdoor activities and community events, but the need for a battery powered portable sound system will occur year-round — both indoors and outdoors.


Caitlin Taber is the marketing coordinator for Anchor Audio. She can be reached at 800.262.4671 or caitlint@anchoraudio.com.


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