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Keep Your Facility Dry With the SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor


Built upon the pillars of quality, integrity and customer service, Extractor Corporation, creator of the SUITMATE® Swimsuit Water Extractor, has spent nearly four decades revolutionizing the commercial aquatic industry with a swimsuit water extractor that efficiently removes 95 percent of water from a wet swimsuit in just eight seconds.

In amenity-driven markets, SUITMATE serves as the gold standard of convenience for high-end spas, luxury hotels and fitness facilities looking to delight guests with unique experiences. And in utility-driven markets, fitness facilities, swim clubs, educational facilities and public pools, the SUITMATE helps keep facilities cleaner, safer and drier, while providing busy patrons a convenient way to eliminate water from wet swimsuits.

Constructed from 304-series, medical-grade stainless steel, the SUITMATE unit is designed to withstand high-moisture environments better than other material alternatives. With global safety and electrical certifications, the easy-to-maintain SUITMATE is safe to use and install in aquatic and leisure facilities around the world.

As a family-owned business, Extractor Corporation takes pride in pairing exceptional and caring customer service with a superior product. Designed with high-quality materials and backed by product and service integrity, customers around the world have come to view the SUITMATE as the pinnacle of aquatic amenities.


For more information, check out suitmate.com.


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