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Sabra Stewart, the vice president of finance at the YMCA of Western North Carolina, has been a Daxko customer since 2014. Stewart shared the Y was looking for a software that would be user-friendly for staff, members and program participants, and found exactly that through a partnership with Daxko.

“Our goal was to take our customer service experience to a higher level by moving services we had been doing manually — such as membership sales and program registrations — to an online platform,” said Stewart. “We also wanted to have a centralized accounting solution that would allow the entire organization to plan, track and adjust budgets online.”

Below, Stewart elaborates on the Y’s partnership with Daxko, the benefits to its staff and members as a result of the partnership, and more.

What are the benefits to your organization as a result of this partnership?

Our processes and procedures are more efficient and modern, and they continue to improve as Daxko adds features. Setting up membership and programs on the backend is straightforward, and it’s much easier for people to find information quickly on the frontend. We’ve also been able to take advantage of new tools that help us increase sales and engagement through automation. For instance, Daxko Engage helps us connect with members, program participants and donors via email initiatives based on their actions and interests. Conversica’s artificial intelligence enables us to start conversations with more people in less time; and Full Service Billing has greatly reduced the amount of staff time needed to recover returned drafts. In the past, everything was handled with a piece of paper and input manually, and we spent hours making collection calls.

What are the benefits to your members?

By making it easy for people to find and register for programs, pay account balances, communicate with us and log in for virtual classes, Daxko enhances the online customer service experience for our members and program participants. Automation has also reduced the amount of time staff spend on manual tasks, which allows them to provide a higher level of personal service. This helps drive customer satisfaction and member retention.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Daxko in any way?

The customer support team at Daxko has helped us innovate to solve problems in many ways. For example, when we moved fitness classes online during the pandemic, they worked with our web developers to enable our members to log into Virtual Y. This was critical to our retention efforts. And more recently, they helped us configure cross-domain tracking between our website and Daxko operations after several years of effort. This benefits all of their YMCA clients who can now connect and attribute marketing efforts all the way from a digital advertisement to a final sale on the website.

What else can you tell other rec center professionals about the benefits of working with Daxko?

Daxko’s tools have helped us streamline our business operations so we can deliver high-quality programs and services with a personal touch. Their product leads ensure we optimize those tools, and their customer support team is always available for troubleshooting.

Brittany Howard

Brittany is the editor of Community Rec Magazine. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com.

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