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Water noodles have been utilized as an old helping tool in swimming practice for many years. It is still being used today by beginners as a main part of the equipment if you wish to learn how to swim properly, or to help teach beginners the proper way to use their legs for swimming.  

Instructors are also still using this helpful tool when teaching their students how to swim. We cannot blame them as noodles are ideal in helping students adjust, develop and change their swimming techniques. A water noodle is a little piece of foam that can help you get the most of your strokes and kicks. As a result, you can swim faster. However, users can only achieve faster results if they know how to use it properly, usually under the guise of a coach. 

Your friends may tell you this tool is not useful and that it will not help you swim – but it’s far from the truth. A water noodle is useful to assist you in learning how to swim.  

Its main purpose is to isolate some aspects of your kick. It will help you work on your specific skills until they are improved. Instructors also recommend it because it makes it a lot easier to communicate with users because their head is above the surface of the water. But, users need to learn the proper way to hold it, position their bodies correctly and the best way to use the noodle itself. It varies from one coach to another. Instructors are recommended to use the product themselves to find the best way to instruct their students.   

When you swim, you need stronger legs to help you kick. Kicking is most of where the professional athletes get their speed from. To practice your perfect kick, a water noodle is best. It increases your fitness level while strengthening your kick. Lean on it with your hands as you focus on your legs. While swimming and holding the noodle, you are concentrating and finding the best move that will fit you. Try different styles and find out which one can help you swim the fastest. No matter what style you are trying to master, be it backstroke, freestyle or butterfly, practicing with a water noodle can assist your legs to learn the technique and how to do it flawlessly.  

It is also ideal in allowing your upper body to rest and focus on the lower body. Keep in mind many swimming techniques involve a lot of water pulling. For that reason, it is ideal to use the noodle for when your upper body grows tired. It helps to keep focus on maintaining your kicking. Furthermore, you will learn how to ensure that your hips are high and near the water surface. Instructors will teach swimmers on how to do this properly. Check out some water noodles today for lessons or to utilize as an everyday exercise tool 

Peyton Maas

Peyton Maas is the director of sales at Sprint Aquatics. She can be reached at peyton@sprintaquatics.com or 800.235.2156 extension 10. Visit sprintaquatics.com to look at specific products. 

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