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The Group Fitness Class of 2019 — Reinventing the Step


Beachbody LIVE is proud to announce the addition of Transform LIVE to its existing portfolio of group fitness offerings. Transform LIVE is a 30-minute, high-intensity, cardio-conditioning class that utilizes a step for an effective, efficient workout. Beachbody LIVE is excited to introduce a new generation of group fitness enthusiasts to a step class for the modern age.

About Transform LIVE

Transform LIVE delivers a unique workout, utilizing a step with a combination of cardio and bodyweight strength-training moves. The class is music-driven and the moves are predesigned to follow the beat — but participants are encouraged to go at their own pace so every person leaves the class feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Transform LIVE is based on the revolutionary home workout program, Transform :20, that has helped thousands of people achieve success at home since its launch in January. Working with Shaun T and other industry experts, the made-for-home workout was transformed into a class for the group fitness room. The core tenets of the original six-week program — Commit, Climb, Conquer — were used to create a progressive class structure that allows the class-goer to steadily increase the intensity of their workout during the class, and to peak during the conquer block at the end.

“Many millennials, such as myself, have never taken a step class, nor would I have before Transform LIVE,” said Amy Bridgeo, the executive director of Beachbody LIVE. “It’s a reinvention of step to appeal to a new generation of class-goers.”

Motivation is a core element of the Transform brand. This class introduces the “truth bomb” — a motivational introduction to the class meant to unite the room around one common objective. Transform LIVE also does away with the concept of a break during class and instead provides for “mental fitness moments” between blocks of work for a class-goer to recover and prepare for the next move.

Beachbody LIVE and the overarching Beachbody brand have been at the forefront of fitness evolution for over two decades and the launch of Transform LIVE is a continuation of this trend.


For more information, email Amy Bridgeo at abridgeo@beachbody.com or visit beachbodylive.com.


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