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Alanna Crochetiere, the content marketing manager at Amilia, shares how to make staff management easy with technology. 

Whether you’re managing a YMCA camp, a director at a JCC or running a community outdoor swimming pool, you know technology can help in many areas of your business. But did you know it can even help with staff management? Check out how leveraging technology like activity and recreation software can streamline your team’s tasks.

Simplify Scheduling

You can simplify your scheduling process and elevate team communication with an online staff calendar. Using this tool, employees can enter in their own availabilities and check their schedules 24/7 in real-time. This prevents confusion caused by miscommunication or last-minute updates between you and your staff. On the flip side, staff scheduling tools have functionalities that will help save time on staff management tasks by allowing you to bulk schedule weeks or months in advance by duplicating previous schedules.

Digitize Programming

Leveraging technology for programming can help gear your staff with the right information to offer an even better experience to clients. It also makes them more independent. An online platform that centralizes your activity and programming details can provide staff with class rosters that link directly to each participant’s profile, giving them the ability to check health records on the spot and cater to clients’ unique needs.

Streamline Facility-Focused Tasks

Managing facility bookings and schedules can be complicated for your team but facility management software can help. If you have many facilities or rooms, a tool that will allow staff to see where their class is scheduled can be especially helpful if you have last-minute changes and prevent confusion. In terms of employee responsibilities that involve facility access, an intuitive program that has auditory or visual signals is helpful. It alerts staff when a client is entering or if they need to update their profile it will prevent you from having to remind staff or train them to manually review client accounts themselves.

Your Back-Office, Automated

Some of the most time-consuming and hard-to-train tasks happen in your back office. For example, without software to send reminders to clients, chasing payments is an unpleasant reality for your team. By automating this process, you cut down the time spent and the mental stress on staff due to awkward interactions. Additionally, forms made part of the registration process with your software means staff don’t have to worry about getting them once the session starts or waste valuable class time reminding participants.

Evolve the Way You Manage Staff

Digitizing and leveraging technology is a great way to provide your staff with important information and the tools they need to make their day-to-day smoother. What’s more, you’ll have confidence knowing you are managing your staff in the most efficient way possible. All in all, using a platform or software that can help you manage your team can be a crucial step toward your organization achieving its mission: bringing the most value to your community.

Alanna Crochetiere

Alanna is the content marketing manager at Amilia. Alanna works to create awareness about how technology can help organizations offer more to their members and grow their business. A former lifeguard and athlete, Alanna is passionate about helping community professionals discover Amilia’s SmartRec platform by sharing industry news and enabling them to connect with information and professionals that can help make their day to day easier.

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