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The first interaction members have at your facility is with the front desk employee. This interaction sets the tone of their overall experience.

For the Mittleman JCC (MJCC), the front desk staff is there for members and guests any way they can. “They are there to greet them when they walk through the door and assist them in a variety of ways to ensure their experience at the J is the best it can be,” said Kelsey Kaplan, the J’s membership and retention manager.

The front desk staff at the MJCC have a variety of responsibilities, including, but not limited to, membership sales, guest check-in, daily program sales, and program enrollment and registration.

The MJCC often refers to their welcome desk as the “center of the center” because the front desk employees are extremely familiar with a bit about each department and the overall happenings at the facility. The staff are expected to project a professional, positive image of the MJCC and assist their members and guests to the best of their ability.

In order for members to have a great experience with the front desk staff, you must first hire great employees.

When the MJCC is looking to hire a front desk employee, they look for three qualities: a positive and friendly attitude, the ability to problem solve quickly and efficiently, and a motivated work ethic. “When hiring for front desk staff, we look for a few key things including professionalism, customer service experience, multitasking abilities and problem-solving skills,” said Kaplan.

The MJCC typically allots for a two-week training period where the new staff shadows at the desk for the first few days and then experiences hands-on learning. Kaplan said they adapt their training practices to meet the preferred learning method of each new staff member.

Having a front desk employee ensures your members will always have someone who is easily and readily available to help them. Having a nice and understanding employee will give members a great first impression and leave them excited to be in your facility.

Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is a staff writer for Community Rec Magazine. She can be reached at taylor@peakemedia.com.

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