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Learn about Myzone’s new mobile app for easy check-in.  

Product innovation is the lifeline for any successful company. What began as a passion to create a product that improved retention and engagement, Myzone quickly grew from just a vision to the leading wearable technology provider in the fitness industry.

With Myzone’s most recent update, clubs can utilize the Myzone app, creating an electronic version of the membership cards that forego the plastic, becoming more environmentally friendly. People always forget many things, but their phone is never one of them. With this new feature, members will no longer need to carry both. Not to mention clubs now have a stronger reason to encourage members, even without a Myzone belt, to download the app and begin their Myzone journey.

“Myzone is constantly evolving with new features,” said Dave Wright, the CEO and creator of Myzone. “The concept is designed to appeal to both fitness enthusiasts, as well as those who are new to exercise. As we continue to develop, improvements will simultaneously occur to ensure a greater experience for the user. By allowing members who don’t have a physical activity belt to use Myzone for their membership card, as well as manually input and monitor their personal data under ‘Body Metrics’ in the app, Myzone is able to include those who have yet to take the plunge into wearable technology. The app can encourage them to progress from beginner activity to moderate activity, and the behavior of actual concerted exercise.”

Myzone understands the importance of assessing physical fitness and has shared at length about the significance of heart rate recovery.

Myzone’s feature, MZ-Fitness Test, makes assessing heart rate recovery on a regular basis simple. The goal of the MZ-Fitness test is to offer a convenient and accurate measure of a person’s heart rate recovery — how much their heart rate drops in the 60 seconds after exercise. The more a person’s heart rate decreases, the healthier their heart. The MZ-Fitness test score will then automatically upload to the Body Metrics section of the Myzone app so users can monitor their progression over time.

Myzone understands innovation is the key. Myzone strives to continuously coordinate with changes in market trends and customers’ demands to help club operators meet their targets and achieve success.


For more information, visit myzone.org or email bd@myzone.org.


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