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Reach More Members by Defining Your Brand

Defining Your Brand

Just like with any product, defining your brand will help you reach more members in your community. The process of defining a brand includes many steps, from generating marketing materials to writing slogans. The more attention and detail you put into what you want to reach potential members – your product – the more you are “branded.”

You need to plan and calculate each aspect to ensure community members who encounter your product will associate you with the brand. When thinking about brands, some things that come to mind might be logos, colors and taglines, all of which are a part of your product. However, you must dive deeper into developing every detail to reach more members.

Marketing messages and social media visuals are a good way to put out additional information about your product. Basic branding is extremely important and part of the solid foundation of your brand. For example, a business has a logo, brand colors, slogan, a unique method of service, staff uniforms and pricing. If I went to a business that has a location in Pennsylvania and then another location in Virginia, I would experience the same brand experience at both locations.

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Consistency in branding is important because your members will know they are receiving the same quality of products and services no matter which location they choose to visit. Branding the details of your products and services involves careful planning of the image and message you want to express each time a member encounters your brand.

Program Instructor Example:

Your appearance is just as important as your branding. Tailor your appearance to fit your brand such as wearing certain style of clothing, or your hair might have a certain appearance. Do you have a fragrance you like to wear? You might always wear a particular type of watch or a flashy hair band.

But most importantly, you also brand yourself by the attitude you have, such as exuding positive energy, using friendly body language and facial expressions. As an instructor, you could have phrases you regularly use to communicate and/or teach. And you could uniquely brand your style of teaching and lesson design. Maybe you create a party-like atmosphere from start to the end of your program. More simply, another great way to brand yourself is by including a memorable signature at the end of your letters and emails, and recording a creative, friendly voicemail message.

It is extremely important to develop your brand to ensure your community members have a positive and memorable experience. When people are wowed by an experience, they are more likely to remember a brand and the services. Therefore, defining your brand and creating a great experience for members will help your organization stand out in your community.

Holly Metzger-Brown

Holly Metzger-Brown, M.Ed., CSA, GC-ABA, BCBA, LBS is the Learn & Play Director at the York Jewish Community Center. She graduated from Lycoming College, where she played varsity tennis and basketball. She has a master’s degree in teacher leadership and education. Holly is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, certified POINTE PROGRAM consultant, and certified tennis instructor. She has been published in several books, journals and magazines, including Onsite Fitness, Netplay, Wacky Ways to Succeed with ADHD, Strategies, TennisPro, Yorkids and Community Rec. She has been locally and nationally recognized for her youth fitness and sports programs.

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