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Parks and Recreation director, Jason Schaitz, shares tips for staying organized in recreation programs.

With so many moving parts within your leagues, it is a task itself just to stay organized. You have to constantly engage with your participants and parents, supervise staff and volunteers, manage schedules, coordinate game days, keep track of equipment, worry about maintenance and your facilities, and much more.

Make staying organized in recreation programs a priority by doing the following:

  • Make sure you have a plan for everything.
  • Set game and practice schedules for the season and stick to it. There is nothing more frustrating to participants than the unknown or moving schedules.
  • Communicate updates and reminders to the entire league at least once a week.
  • Have well written league rules, policies and procedures.
  • Keep good documentation throughout the season for your daily activities and incidents that may arise.
  • Have an equipment inventory system in place and keep your field storage organized before and after every game day.
  • Communicate with your staff and referee groups weekly.
  • Get feedback from your staff, coaches, and referees so you can get ahead of any concerns or potential incidents.
  • Ensure all areas of your facilities are clean and hazard free.
  • Keep daily logs at each field or court to allow staff to report back on how each game went.
  • Keep paperwork and scoresheets centralized in one area or in one binder per field or court.
  • Keep all necessary equipment for each field organized in bins and properly stored.
  • Make yourself to-do lists regularly to stay on track with what needs to be accomplished.
  • Have clear and concise set up and break down for your facility on game days that includes clean up, taking out trash and putting away equipment.
  • Be responsive to parents and any incidents that occur to make sure there is nothing you have to deal with ongoing that will detract you from other tasks.
  • Be forward thinking. Once games have started, let your staff take over so you can start getting ready for whatever is next and make sure you are always one step ahead.
  • Set aside office hours to keep up with paperwork and administrative duties. If these things are pushed aside they will pile up.

Keeping yourself and your recreation programs organized will show to your stakeholders. This will give you the free time you never thought you had, and allow you to enjoy your program even more than you already do.

For more resources on youth sports, visit the League Source website.

Jason Schaitz

Jason Schaitz is a parks and recreation director with 15 years of experience managing youth sports, camps and recreation programs. He also created and manages League Source and The Summer Camp Source with the goal of providing free, high-quality resources for any type of youth sports or camp program. Take your leagues and camps to the next level by visiting our websites for free resources and education!

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