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This month we spoke with Jennifer Federici, the associate vice president of marketing at the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas about social media.

What is your organization’s social media marketing strategy? 

JF: Our goal with social media is multifold, as I’m sure it is with most organizations. As you’d expect, we’re striving to drive website traffic to encourage membership acquisition, as well as increase program revenue. But because the Y is a multi-faceted charity organization, we are always looking for an entrance to tell the YMCA story — the story of those we are serving, the story of the great things happening in our programs and facilities, and our diverse communities at large. Social media is a great platform for all of that.

Which social media platforms tend to drive the most engagement? 

JF: Facebook drives the most engagement for us, followed closely by Instagram. Because many of our programs and membership features benefit families with young children, women with children ages zero to 12 tend to be our target demographic. So Facebook and Instagram are the place to be for us.

Are there any challenges in optimizing social media engagement? 

JF: Our biggest marketing and communications challenge — and this extends far beyond social media engagement — is that the Y does so much. There are so many facets of what we do and who we reach, it’s difficult to find a balance between talking about all we do and not inundating people with mixed messages.

Do you have any other tips for maximizing social media marketing? 

JF: Knowing your audience should dictate the social platforms you utilize and how you utilize them. Knowing your industry will help you perfect your timing. Digital marketing has become so nuanced, but it’s also the pulse of ad existence as we embark upon 2020.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former editor of Community Rec Magazine.

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