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Whether it’s customers waiting for a response, a failure to fix broken equipment or changing rooms not being properly cleaned, poor customer service is a constant threat to long-term success and growth. Effective workflows, new equipment and infrastructure upgrades will not matter if your members’ needs are not met on a consistent basis.

One of the most simple and vital investments any facility can make is ensuring staff can communicate effectively and reliably. Two-way radios are a proven solution that has helped countless facilities increase overall safety, improve staff communication and boost member satisfaction.

Increased Overall Safety

Strong communication is key to providing an environment that is safe and secure for members and staff. From administrators and front desk personnel to personal trainers and cleaning staff, two-way radios ensure every staff member is always connected. With greater connectivity, staff can monitor safety guidelines with enhanced precision and awareness. For situations involving a severe emergency, staff can respond decisively to notify first responders and provide potentially lifesaving first aid.

Enhanced Staff Communication

Two-way radios provide a dependable and effective way to communicate throughout your entire facility. Managers can stay in touch with every department while contacting specific staff members using the multi-channel capability. Investing in two-way radios is also proven to save time and money, as the typical lifetime cost of radios is around seven cents per day.

Improved Member Satisfaction

The benefits of a well-connected and efficient staff will positively impact your clientele as well. All personnel can quickly respond to questions and requests by contacting the appropriate team member to assist, all without leaving the area. Guests and members alike will also appreciate the elimination of disruptive overhead announcements. A consistent high level of service will be rewarded with increased member loyalty and referrals.

In today’s industry, everyone is looking for a solution that gives their facility a competitive edge. Consider investing in two-way radios — a proven, low-cost way to boost member satisfaction, improve safety and enhance staff efficiency.


Joe Wood is the owner of Tech Wholesale, Inc., an authorized reseller of Motorola Two-Way Radios. He can be reached at jwjwood@techwholesale.com or 888.925.5982.


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