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Commonly known as an equipment refresh in the fitness industry, replacing used strength and cardio units is an important step in the lifecycle of your fitness center. Because of its necessity, buying new equipment is a significant investment that should be handled with the utmost care and consideration. Even if you aren’t looking to refresh your fitness equipment right now, outlining your purchasing plans early gives your team the proper time to research proactivelyand ultimately make informed decisions in order to provide the best experience for your community  

In preparation to start conversations with equipment suppliers, consider the key factors below when assessing how to fill your facility and fulfill your goals.  

Community Feedback  

Enlist staff to have intentional conversations with community members and gather feedback on the fitness floorLeverage other communication mediums such as email or social media to survey how they interact with your equipment, what types of goals they have and which tools they need to get there. 

Equipment Data  

Analyze the usage data of your current lineup as quantitative figures to complement the qualitative feedback. For example, are there cardio modalities that are more often used than others? Is it due to equipment placement? Or change in modality popularity? Do you see technology playing a role in which units are frequented?   


Technology Advancements  

Research virtual engagement tools to capitalize on human connection. A custom-branded mobile app that reaches your community both inside and outside your rec center walls, while keeping your brand at the focal point of the experience, can be a great supplemental way to build community.  


Factor in fitness trends such as wearable technology and group training programs to determine the invaluable equipment necessary to provide an experience that attracts community members and keeps them coming backIncrease revenue streams with HIIT group training and attract a wider audience with a counterpart specifically designed for older adults.  


Explore equipment suppliers that will create custom solutions that fit your center’s identity. A unified equipment lineup, personalized with custom colors, decals and more, displays professionalism and draws community attention.  

Stocking your fitness floor with equipment suited to your community’s needs and wants is critical to their satisfaction and resulting engagement. Listen to their interests and the data, study fitness trends and research technology options to get started. As you approach the next step in the purchasing process, seek advice from your peers and connect with equipment suppliers to craft an attractive and reenergized fitness experience at your rec center.  


Written in collaboration by the US Matrix team. For more information, email info@matrixfitness.com or reach out on social media at @matrixfitnessusa 


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