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Matrix Learning Offers Resources to Support Your Center


For years, Matrix Fitness has been creating and curating a wide array of learning tools geared toward their customers, service technicians, industry partners and end users at community centers. Delivering on their total solutions promise to support your center from your grand opening and every day after, the Matrix Learning Center offers a one-stop-shop for everything Matrix, available right at your fingertips. Whether fitness is your focus or just a part of your offering, the online library gives you unlimited access to an unmatched collection of enriching resources for both you and your community.

Matrix Learning offers various materials for the diverse population that utilizes your community center. Sharing the Matrix Learning Center with your community members arms them with a library of applied learning opportunities, educational resources on the importance of active habits, and training tools to structure their own workout plans. From educational webinars on the physical and mental benefits of exercise, to creative tips for an interval training regime without equipment, Matrix waters down complex industry research to reach listeners, viewers and readers where they are at to ultimately encourage an active lifestyle.

Matrix also leverages the insight of industry partners to deliver professional development programming that includes expert insights into facility operation, business and staff growth, and more. To re-energize your business in exciting new ways, dive into their expansive resources that cover a variety of industry topics. Topics range from building a culture of togetherness within your community, business venture tips and critical thinking strategies in order to maximize your center’s potential.

Your personal trainers and group training instructors also have a dedicated space on Matrix Learning to explore continuing education opportunities and pre-made training tools. No matter how your trainers put their passion for fitness to work, the vast exercise library on Matrix Learning gives them clear demonstrations they need to address full-body fitness and the tools to create custom functional training programming for your community. No matter the client’s unique goals or ability level, the exercise library can help trainers coach clients on improving strength, cardio, flexibility and more, all while lending the necessary focus to teaching clients proper form and technique. Trainers can cherry-pick resources that best suit their training style to build lasting loyalty and forge stronger relationships than ever with their client base.

Matrix Learning is open and available now. Start perusing current offerings and check back often for new programming. If you’re looking for something specific for your facility, contact Matrix to explore custom training opportunities.


Browse now at matrixlearningcenter.com.



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