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Navigating the Promotional Product Industry

Promotional Product Industry

Tony Loretani, the general manager of Swagdog, shares how to navigate the promotional product industry and find the right distributor for your needs. 

There are days when we find ourselves in need of products to help our organization promote a project that will increase our client base, outfit our employees and boost our brand visibility. Finding a company that helps you within your timeline and budget is key to a successful promotion.

Here are some tips to assist you in navigating the promotional product industry. 

A company that has been around the block knows the ins and outs of their industry. They keep abreast of the new trends and are confident in the reliable standards they use. They will steer you to the right products for your specific needs with confidence. Additionally, they have staff who are highly knowledgeable in a wide array of items and brands. They will guide you to use trusted factories and manufacturers who are reliable in getting your product to you in a timely manner. 

Ask the right questions when speaking to a sales associate. Find out how many years of experience they have. Ask them to list some of their current clients and consider checking site reviews to see what others think of their transactions.

Reliability is very important. Have you ever had to deal with someone who tells you they will get back to you, yet you don’t hear from them for days or weeks? A company that is reliable will get back quickly with an email or a phone call after meeting you to go over your needs. A reliable company will get you from start to finish with products, design and order confirmation along with shipping dates and tracking information. These are all essential to a top-notch supplier. 

Are you lost for ideas? A quality distributor should have associates who will help with those problems and advise you on products that are hot in the industry and steer you away from products that are not well made and could reflect badly to any potential clients. Having someone who has your back and puts the right foot forward will help you on the path to achieving success with the programs you’re working on.

In a sea of so many promotion product companies, getting it right the first time around will help in getting your business and client base moving in the right direction. That’s a top priority.

Tony Loretani

Tony Loretani is the general manager of Swagdog, a screen printing and promotional product company. He’s been in the industry for over 19 years. Client relationships and growth are what he strives for in promotional product business. For more information, visit swagdog.com.

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