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LifeBridge Health and the Baltimore JCC have partnered together to promote wellness to the JCC community and beyond. The plan is simple: to provide health and wellness resources to the community, including screenings, education and personalized access to health care professionals and services. Here, Robyn Talesnik, the community wellness coordinator overseeing the program, shares insights into its benefits:

What is LifeBridge Health ‘’Living Well at the J?’’ Can you share an overview of the program and its goals?

RT: The collaboration between LifeBridge Health and the Baltimore JCC began approximately four years ago. Leadership from both organizations asked the same question: “What would happen if LifeBridge Health resources, such as doctors, programs, services lines, etc., were brought through the doors of the JCC, in ways that fit the needs of the community?” The ultimate goal is to keep everyone healthy, and ideally, out of the hospital. In other words, we want to increase the quality of life through education and empowerment.

What benefits do members experience from the program?

RT: My role at the JCC is expansive. I plan health programs by determining the interests and needs of members. I also act as a health concierge. I carefully match members and JCC employees to LifeBridge’s physicians and service lines. Not only can I make physician recommendations, I can also fast track the appointment process. I act as a liaison between LifeBridge Health and the JCC in ways that are mutually beneficial.

What trends are you seeing in community wellness in the community recreation space?

RT: This collaboration is truly unique in the Baltimore area and is the only one of its kind. It has been very successful, and continues to grow and flourish. Ultimately, the goal is to connect with our community members and assist them in becoming their healthiest selves. Accessibility, a familiar friendly face, lending an ear and offering an array of options are all helping to accomplish our goal.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel is the Editor-in-Chief of Peake Media. Reach her at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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